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Vast quantities of pesticides and artificial fertilizers are being used in huge monocultures in Brazil in order to increase the soy yields. But there are other ways: In the Southern Brazilian region Capanema 300 farmer families are growing organic soy for food uses. They renounce on the use of agro-poisons and care about the local biodiversity. Help to save these smallholders’ livelihood and order “soli-beans” – the soy-snack with solidarity-bonus at the fair-trade company gebana now.

Snack now and support CHEGA!

These soy beans roasted in Tamari sauce are very tasty as appetizers, in salads or as an in-between snack.

40% of the selling price goes to the Brazilian smallholders and towards the Chega! campaign.

50 gr. Soli-beans for 5 CHF / 4 EUR (+ delivery charges)
20x50gr. Soli-beans for 60 CHF / 48 EUR (+ delivery charges)

Order the soli-beans in the gebana bio&fair shop now

More about the soli-beans

By buying the soli-beans you support the organic farmers in Capanema, Southern Brazil, who are defending themselves against the contamination of their harvest with their neighbours’ pesticides. 40% of the selling price is for the organic farmers in Capanema and for the CHEGA! campaign as a solidarity contribution:

60% of the solidarity contribution ensures that the farmers receive the full organic bonus for their work

20% of the solidarity contribution is for the CHEGA! campaign enabling hence the long-term survival of organic cultivation in Capanema

20% of the solidarity contribution are set aside for a following action – for instance for suing the parties responsible for the problem.


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The soy bean has been used in the meat production for animal feed since the 1970ties due to its high protein content. The consequences of the expanding agricultural industry are severe for the environment and society. But there are other ways.

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The worldwide increase in demand for soy led to the creation of huge soy deserts in North and South America. These monocultures drive out the smallholders and the original flora, boost the use of agro-poisons and generate hardly any jobs.

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The organic farmers in Capanema

Information about acreage and loss of organic bonuses due to traces of Endosulfan in their soy
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