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The organic farmers at the Iguassu falls say « Chega ! » (means “enough is enough” in Portuguese): They have been producing organic soy for twenty years but now traces of the pesticide Endosulfan in their harvest threaten their existence – without them actually having used the poison. Now, several hundred organic farmers in Southern Brazil defend themselves for their right to produce without pesticides and they claim an immediate ban of Endosulfan. More...

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I support the farmers' demand of an immediate ban of Endosulfan:

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Mário José Gisi - Subprocurador Geral da República



Dear Mr Gisi

I would like to express my deep concern regarding the situation with pesticides in Brazil.

In the south of Brazil hundreds of organic farmers are about to loose their market and income. Their organic soybeans are contaminated with Endosulfan. Endosulfan is a dangerous and persistent pesticide.  As a consequence of the contamination not only the organic farmers but also the Brazilian export companies and their clients face huge problems. It is proven that the contaminating Endosulfan derives from its excessive use in conventional agriculture. The right of the organic farmers to produce without pesticides and our right as clients to buy pesticide free products are violated.

Endosulfan is banned already in over sixty countries worldwide and a PIC candidate. Brazil recently decided to forbid it by 2013. The time lag until the implementation of the ban means existential problems for the organic farmers. Many experiences in the past have shown that whenever a pesticide is forbidden with a delay this resulted in an increase of its sales before the deadline. Thus the environment and with it the soy of the organic farmers will be even more contaminated. Organic agriculture of soy in Brazil will certainly not survive this period.

The organic farmers are demanding an immediate ban of Endosulfan.

ANVISA has evaluated Endosulfan and has come to the conclusion that it is dangerous for humans and the environment and that it should be forbidden. Furthermore it is proven that it contaminates organic products. These facts demonstrate the destructive potential of the ongoing use of Endosulfan and ask for immediate action.

By means of this letter I would like to support the demand of the Brazilian organic farmers for an immediate ban of Endosufan. Please help them and forbid Endosulfan now.

Furthermore I would also ask you to forbid the very dangerous poisons Methamidophos and Paraquat (dichloride) together with Endosulfan. All three pesticides are highly toxic and frequently cause fatalities among Brazilian farm workers. There is no reason why such a beautiful country as yours should become the world dump for pesticides forbidden in most countries and of which innumerable studies have proven their highly destructive potential for human beings and nature.

Yours sincerely

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Further recipients of the support letter

, Exma. Sra. Erenice Alves Guerra - Ministra-Chefe da Casa Civil

, Exmo. Sr. Carlos Henrique Martins Lima - Procurador da República

, Exmo. Sr. Wagner Gonçalves Rossi - Ministro de Estado

COORDENAÇÃO DE AGROECOLOGIA / MAPA, Exmo. Sr. Rogério Pereira Dias - Coordenador Geral

MINISTÉRIO DO MEIO AMBIENTE- MMA, Exma. Sra. Izabella Mônica Vieira Teixeira - Ministra de Estado

MINISTÉRIO DA SAÚDE, Exmo. Sr. José Gomes Temporão - Ministro de Estado

ANVISA–  Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária / Ministério da Saúde, Exmo. Sr. Dirceu Raposo Mello - Diretor-Presidente

, Exmo. Sr. Guilherme Cassel - Ministro de Estado


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