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Harvest in Capanema gives rise to hopes


Soy in Capanema is waist-high and ripe: the first organic farmers could already harvest their fields.

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CHEGA! is green now!


Here it is: This week, the Brazilian prosecuting authorities are going to receive the organic farmers’ demand to ban Endosulfan immediately.

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Container No. 46697 & Co. released


Good news: The Dutch authorities have released the containers. The soy can thus be imported and sold as an organic product.

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GMO-free soy in Brazil!


The state-owned company for agricultural research in Brazil has recently launched a program for GMO-free soy. An article by greenpeace international.

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Pesticide sellers react


Gebana Brazil has sought dialogue with the pesticide sellers of Capanema and explained the problems associated with Endosulfan. The reactions raise hopes.

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Container No. 46697 & Co. first hurdle overcome


We have received the transaction certificate from the Institute for market ecology (IMO, Switzerland).

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