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The organic farmers file a petition for an immediate ban of Endosulfan.

The conventional farmers’ awareness of the Endosulfan issue is raised at the big farmers gathering on the occasion of the “Fera do Melado” in Capanema. Most of them are neither conscious of the danger of the pesticide’s use for their health nor aware that the largest share of the poison is deposited in the environment and their neighbours’ fields as well.

The organic farmers are offended and despaired about the fact that the ban should only have an effect from 2013 on: “In that case we don’t have a future, we cannot wait that long!” says Alberto Fritzen, organic farmer for almost more than twenty years. That is why they are now starting  to collect signatures for a petition demanding an immediate ban of Endosulfan, Paraquat and Methamidophos.

Organic farmers' petition (in Portuguese)

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