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The Dutch Department of Agriculture proclaimed that an examination is necessary for every import. Whereas in France all import licenses for organic soy coming from Brazil were suspended.

Five months have passed since the traces of Endosulfan have been found and the control authorities informed about it. Two contradictory pieces of information of the authorities have reached us today after a lot of examinations of the control authorities and experts as well as after more than one hundred analysis.

The soy’s import as an “organic” product is not being ruled out in Holland. The authorities demand analysis of the samples taken independently for each lot. Even though the evaluation criteria are not clear it is still a ray of hope for the organic farmers of Capanema. Perhaps some lots are led through and can even be sold as “organic”?

At the same time, the French authorities deny all import authorizations for organic soy coming from Brazil. They won’t communicate how they got to this conclusion.

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