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Gebana Brazil has sought dialogue with the pesticide sellers of Capanema and explained the problems associated with Endosulfan. The reactions raise hopes.

A large part of the sellers claim to have bought substantially smaller amounts of the pesticide Endosulfan this year. This corresponds to the guidelines issued together with the Endosulfan ban. These guidelines implicate that the sale of Endosulfan is supposed to decrease around 1/3 annually until 2013. Meanwhile, one of the sellers gave up buying and selling of Endosulfan even completely due to the damages caused to the organic farmers in the region.

The directives to the banning from 2013 were handed to the sellers along with a letter reminding them of their duties. The guidelines implicate amongst other things that each buyer is ought to be informed about the danger of Endosulfan and needs to confirm this with a signature.

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