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Authorities report


The Dutch Department of Agriculture proclaimed that an examination is necessary for every import. Whereas in France all import licenses for organic soy coming from Brazil were suspended.

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The people are being destroyed by the poison!


Interview with Vili Hoffmann, a smallholder in Capanema who has been cultivating organic soy for 15 years. His current harvest was contaminated with Endosulfan.

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Investigation Concluded


It was confirmed that the organic farmers of Capanema did not use the Endosulfan, according to the evaluation of more than two hundred analysis and further internal and external information sources.

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The situation is being exploited


Conventional soy is said to be used for organic animal feed in Germany.

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Petition for an immediate ban


The organic farmers file a petition for an immediate ban of Endosulfan.

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India is lobbying against a ban


India is the biggest producer and exporter of Endosulfan and is fighting a world-wide ban.

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