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gebana Brazil is paying organic bonuses


In the end of June, the organic farmers in Capanema need to pay back their harvest-credits to the banks.

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Control authorities agreed: Contamination unavoidable


The three control authorities accredited in Brazil IMO, IBD and Ecocert confirmed the organic soy contamination through environmental influences.

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Endosulfan in the organic harvest


In southern Brazil, traces of Endosulfan have been found in smallholders’ organic soy. For the moment, sales have been stopped and the causes are being investigated.

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Ban of Endosulfan – not until 2013


The sale of Endosulfan in Brazil shall be banned in the mid-2013.

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Hundreds of organic farmers affected


The organic farmers in Capanema are not the only ones affected by the problem of contamination of organic soy with Endosulfan.

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O Brasil Envenenado


"Poisoned Brazil" is the headline of Le Monde Diplomatique.

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