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CHEGA! depends on financial support. The farmers should receive the full price for their organic soy and the financing of the campaign needs to be ensured. No donation is too small to help. Please read below how your money is being used.

Thank you very much for your support!

I donate

What your donation accomplishes

60% of your donation makes sure that the farmers receive the full organic premium for their work.

20% of the donation will be used for the campaign against Endosulfan and ensures the long-term survival of organic cultivation in Capanema.

20% of the donation is set aside for a next step – such as suing against the persons responsible for the problem.

For any question concerning the donation and its use, please contact Mister Wiedmer from the gebana AG: +49 (0)43 366 65 00

Payments by means of an inpayment slip: Post account 85-54337-1 | CHEGA! c/o gebana AG, Hafnerstr. 7, 8005 Zürich


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