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Traces of Endosulfan have been found in the organic soy of the Capanema farmers. At first, the organic farmers were suspected of having used the poison. But the inquiries have revealed that they are entirely innocent: the conventional farmers and the rain are to blame.

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Organic farming

The smallholders in Capanema changed over to sustainable production at a time when ‘organic’ was just starting to become an issue in Europe. Over the years, they developed a market for their organic soy. This market is now threatening to collapse due to traces of Endosulfan.

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Capanema’s inhabitants descend from immigrants looking for fertile land. But as they finally found it, a lumbering company tried to take it away from them. With the “settlers’ revolt” of 1957 the smallholders however managed to drive their powerful opponent out.

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Dangerous pesticides

The petition of the Cpanema smallholders demands an immediate ban of Endosulfan, Paraquat and Methamidophos. All three substances are highly toxic.

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